Alabama Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

Born in 1959, "Bomber" Jack Lord began his career in professional wrestling in 1975.


He started as a ring boy, filled in as time keeper, and helped out in every aspect that he could. At 16 years old, he felt that he was too small to ever be a pro wrestler himself, but this allowed him to be a part of a sport that he had been a fan of all his life.

He worked sporadically for local traveling promotions until he joined the Army in 1978. It was only after he joined, that he started to physically grow. During his seven years in the Army, he still found time to be a part of the industry that he loved more than any. During a training exercise in Germany, he severely injured both of his knees and in 1985 was eventually retired from active duty. Told by doctors that he would never be able to do anything athletic again, Lord went back two weeks after his discharge and finished his training to begin his full time in-ring career, a career that lasted 24 years.