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Joshua O'Hagan Becomes The 1st Ever VCW TV Champion July 18th, 2020

Joshua O'Hagan, with the assist from Wicked Nemesis, was able to win the unification match that merged the VCW Georgia Heavyweight Championship, VCW Cruiserweight Championship, and the Zero Alliance Zero Weight Championship into the VCW Television Championship.  Although his methods were questionable, O'Hagan's results were not.  What's next for the man of many belts.....?

Justin Fleaux wins the 2020 Frank "The Flame" Barnhill Cup July 11th, 2020

VCW newcomer, Justin Fleaux outlasted 25 other men to win the 2020 Barnhill cup.  Along with that win comes the opportunity of a lifetime as now Justin gets to choose any championship he wishes to compete against in VCW.  Will he choose the VCW Heavyweight Champion Big Smuve, or does he have his sight set on someone else?

The Last Tribe Is Here To Stay July 11th, 2020

What began as a grudge match between the VCW Heavyweight Champion Big Smuve, his newly found partner in Darrell Shaw, and their opponents Team Redeemed; soon turned into a sickening moment.  Team Redeemed seemed to have the newly formed tag teams number, until the match ended in a disqualification thanks to Big Smuve using his championship as a weapon against Slaughter's skull.  Then the two tried to break Slaughter's neck when a multitude of wrestlers from the locker room stormed the ring.  One of whom was Brandon Cash.  Cash played everyone, as he helped Johnny Slaughter to his feet only to level him with a chair and join the team in the ring.  As the three men stood over an unconscious Johnny Slaughter, one thing was clear.  Things will never be the same in VCW! 

New VCW World's Heavyweight Champion February 29th, 2020

This rivalry began at the end of 2019 and has become more heated and personal as each day passed.  To the point that the VCW World Heavyweight Champion, Johnny Slaughter had asked VCW management to make this match a no count out and no disqualification match.  From the first second till the last, this match was a nonstop fight.  As if the match could not get any more wild, the ending is so unbelievable it has to be seen to believe it.  Big Smuve walked away with the championship, and Johnny Slaughter informed him and the capacity crowd that they are just getting started.  With these two men coming close to ending each other's careers several times in this match, where will they go from here.  The Munford Community Center could barley contain this fight, we can't wait to see what's next. Be sure to watch for the official release date of the DVD's and Digital Download's to VCW's Lethal Leap Year.  

Unlikely Team Cracks & Splits February 29th, 2020

In what seemed to be an unlikely yet extremely talented pairing, Damon Taz & Joshua O'Hagan seemed to be unbeatable.  After a successful open challenge title defense on February 29th, 2020 at VCW's Lethal Leap Year, the two stood tall in the ring.  That is until Wicked Nemesis & Joshua O'Hagan leveled Damon Taz with a championship belt in the back of the head.  Then O'Hagan berated Damon Taz and informed him that when Damon beat him for the Zero Weight Championship in 2019, that O'Hagan had a rematch clause that states he can be granted his rematch at any time he chooses.  Well that time seemed to be now, as O'Hagan attacked Damon Taz again, then pinned him demanding that a referee count the 1-2-3!  Now he is the  Zero Weight Champion as well as the self proclaimed VCW AL Tag Team Champions all by himself.

New VCW Alabama Commissioner Named! January 14th, 2020

Victory Championship Wrestling General Manager, Classie MacDiva has named Eric Ishee as the new Commissioner of the VCW Alabama brand.  Miss MacDiva had the following to say about the hiring, "With everything we've got going on with all the brands plus with the other projects we are working on, it was time to hire me some help with the VCW Alabama brand.  We interviewed several candidates, and Mr. Ishee seems to be the guy we are looking for."

Mr. Ishee will begin immediately, and is rumored to be making some announcements about this weekend’s event in Munford over the coming days.

New Main Event Set! January 6th, 2020

01-18-2020 Strip.jpg

Well that escalated quickly!  January was supposed to see the final match of the Tag Team Roulette tournament take place, between The Nasty Kritters (Slappy D & Scum) & Damon Taz teaming with Joshua O'Hagan.  Slappy D & Scum have been the odds on favorites to win the tournament as they were the only established tag team that was fortunate enough to be drawn together.  But it seems their luck ran out, as Scum pulled a hamstring and will not be cleared to wrestler on January 18th.  Therefore Joshua O'Hagan & Damon Taz have won the final match of the tournament by forfeit. When asked after the news broke if they would go for the Tag Team Championships against VCW Alabama Tag Team Champions "Freak Ink" or face off against each other allowing the winner of that match to challenge for any title he wished, Joshua O'Hagan quickly yelled that they would face the Tag Team Champions as he left the building.  Can this unlikely team do the impossible?  Or will their long standing rivalry tear their changes apart.  Click here to see the announcement!

Tag Team Roulette A Major Success! January 5th, 2020

With a near capacity crowd at last nights event, the energy in the building was amazing.  The Tag Team Roulette Tournament was nothing short of fantastic.  The final math of the tournament is set to be held on January 18th, at the Munford Community Center.  Bell Time 7PM.

New Cruiserweight Champion! January 5th, 2020

During VCW's first event of the year, Tag Team Roulette, Julius Pryor was able to best three other men in a fatal four way match to claim the vacant VCW Cruiserweight Championship.  Pryor was ecstatic about winning one of the most prestigious championships in VCW, as the Championship is one of only two that travels to all VCW brands.

Cruiserweight Championship Match Set! December 30th, 2019

VCW's vacant Cruiserweight Championship will be decided on January 4th, when the top four ranked Cruiserweight Wrestlers compete.  The American Infidel Scott Patterson, Jeremy Foster, Julius Pryor, and JD Rush face off to make history.  This is anyone's match that grantees to be action packed from bell to bell.  So get your tickets today

Tag Team Roulette Is Heating Up! December 28th, 2019

VCW's January 4th Event is shaping up to be an amazing and historic night.  16 men drawn at random will make up 8 tag teams, that must find a way to coexist to win the tournament.  What incentive do they have to work together and put egos and animosity aside?  Well, the winning team has the option to remain a team and challenge the VCW Tag Team Champions, or they can face off in one final match against each other.  The winner of that match can then choose to challenge for any VCW Championship they wish, including the Tag Team Championship with a partner of their choosing.

Plus we have learned that VCW will crown a new Cruiserweight Champion on January 4th, not to mention the VCW Heavyweight Champion (Johnny Slaughter) has stated that if he is not drawn in the tournament, he will defend his title as well.  What an action packed night.  We cant wait to see how this one ends.

VCW Champion Wants To Defend His Title! December 27th, 2019

VCW Heavyweight Champion, Johnny Slaughter has stated that if he is not chosen in the Tag Team Roulette Tournament during the random drawings, then he will defend the Championship against whomever the company chooses to give the opportunity too.  January 4th is stacking up to be an amazing night of professional wrestling. 

New Cruiserweight Champion To Be Crowned! December 27th, 2019

After failing to appear to defend the championship on three separate occasions, Rudy Wristlock has been stripped of the VCW Cruiserweight Championship.  VCW Officials would like to apologize to the fans for the former champion's lack of respect and commitment.  To make it up to you, they have decided to add a match on January 4th and crown a NEW VCW Cruiserweight Champion.  We wish Rudy well in his future endeavors. 

Big Smuve & Jaxon Vile Go To WAR! August 25th, 2019

Big Smuve & Jaxon Vile went absolutely savage on each other, in what has to be a contender for match of the year!  The two battled throughout the entire arena in Munford , AL. Tables, Ladders, Chairs, Cameras, Pedestrians, nothing was safe.  The two men tore each other apart.  I cant wait until this match airs on our various media outlets

VCW Georgia Cruizerweight Champion Attacked! August 25th, 2019

During his match with Joey Corbin, VCW Georgia Cruiserweight Champion Rudy Wristlock was attacked by an enraged Foster.  Though no words were spoken, we beleive the intentions were clear.  Foster wants the Cruiserweight Championship.

Quality Returns!!! August 25th, 2019

In what had to be the most shocking moment of the year, BeatDown Inc Founder Joey Sartain returned to attack Johnny Slaughter.  After assaulting The VCW Heavyweight Champion with repeated shots with his motorcycle helmet, Sartain walked out with a huge smile on his face.  What prompted his return? Why now?

Joshua O'Hagan & Wicked Nemesis Turn Up The Heat On Damon Taz August 25th, 2019

For quite some time now, Zero Weight Champion Joshua O'Hagan and The Wicked Nemesis have been insisting that Team Redeemed Member Damon Taz retire from professional wrestling.  However, this past weekend they attempted to teach Damon a lesson by telling him that if he did not retire soon, that they would continue to hurt his friends until he does.  To prove they meant it, they handcuffed Damon Taz to the turnbuckle and attacked Damon's friend and VCW Fan Favorite, JD Rush.  Will Damon retire, or will he put a stop to this once and for all?

VCW Airs On FNN begining This Thursday @ 7PM July 31st, 2019

VCW debuts on FNN beginning this Thursday at 7PM.  Be sure to visit www.fnnnetwork.com to see all the ways you can watch it, including Roku and Amazon Fire.

Wicked Nemesis Attacks Damon Taz July 28th, 2019

Damon Taz came to the ring to answer Joshua O'Hagan's demand that he retire.  O'Hagan presented a gold watch to give to Damon.  He told Damon that this was a parting gift from "us".  Damon replied "us?" Just then Wicked Nemesis entered the ring from thru the crowd.  Then they viciously attacked Damon Taz.  Taz's Team Redeemed partner, Johnny Slaughter ran to his aid.  VCW General Manager Classie MacDiva has said that these two teams will face off in Munford, AL on August 10th.

The New Religion Victorious July 28th, 2019

The New Religion reigns victorious in VCW The New Religion--Jay Impact, the American Infidel, and Talon Oxyn--got perhaps their biggest victory to date, defeating VCW heavyweight champion Johnny Slaughter, JD Rush, and Rudy Wristlock. The match was not without controversy, as Joshua O'Hagan jumped Damon Taz at ringside. Taz, who had come out to even the sides against the New Religion. Slaughter, who had gone to the top rope for his patented Victory elbow drop, saw the attack and leaped to Taz's defense. When Slaughter and Taz chased O'Hagan back to the locker room, that left Rush and Wristlock shorthanded against the New Religion, who hit a triple knee-strike to the head of Rush for the pinfall. Slaughter and Taz will face off against Impact and the Infidel on August 9 at the Tabernacle Event Center in Gadsden, seeking some measure of revenge.

Action Mike Jackson Makes His Singles Debut In VCW July 28th, 2019

Action' Mike Jackson made his VCW debut Alabama Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer Mike 'Action' Jackson debuted with VCW at the July 27 TV taping in Munford, defeating 'the king of farmer style' Kavron Kanyon in 10 minutes. Jackson took advantage of a missed senton off the top rope, hitting Kanyon with a neckbreaker for the pinfall.

New Champions Crowned at VCW Georgia July 20th, 2019

The live crowd in Franklin, Georgia was witness to two title changes.  Earlier in the night, Bre Phoenix relinquished the VCW Georgia Women's Championship after announcing to the audience that she was with child and could not compete at this time.  So a match was made between three women to crown the new champion.  Cassandra Golden won the match to become the new VCW Georgia Women's Champion.

Then in a major shocker, Tyson Creed & Sir James Evans beat Jay Impact and VCW Georgia Commissioner Jeff Tucker to win the vacant VCW Georgia Tag Team Championships.

Damon Taz Wins the Frank The Flame Barnhill Memorial Battle Royal! July 7th, 2019

Damon Taz outlasted 36 other grapplers to win the Frank 'The Flame' Barnhill Memorial Battle Royal, eliminating Wicked Nemesis and Alabama Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer Joshua O'Hagan in the final moments of the event. Taz was delighted with the victory. "Frank Barnhill was an amazing man, and to be able to add my name to the list of people who have won this event really makes it special," Taz said. "This is our biggest event of the year, and to put on a great show like this in front of one of our largest crowds is a great feeling." O'Hagan entered the battle royal at the No. 3 slot and hung in there until the Taz finally dumped Nemesis over the top rope and then pinned O'Hagan for the victory.

Johnny Slaughter Dethrones The Alpha Wolf! July 7th, 2019

Johnny Slaughter conquered his demons--and the Alpha Wolf, Steven Michaels--to take the VCW heavyweight championship during the Alabama Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame show in Oxford, Alabama on July 6. Slaughter becomes only the second-ever VCW champion. He was a finalist in the title tournament, but Michaels prevailed when Slaughter chose not to pursue what he perceived as an unfair advantage. But in the following weeks, bad blood developed between Slaughter and Michaels, with the Alpha Wolf seeking to prove his dominance and putting Slaughter out of action for several weeks with an injury. But Slaughter fought back, gaining an opportunity to wrestle for the title at VCW's biggest show of the year. The victory was a career highlight for Slaughter. "Everyone who knows me knows that I've had some tough times in my personal life the last few months," Slaughter said. "And that's in addition to everything Steven Michaels did to me. But finally winning the VCW title--especially at this show with my brother and his family here, and my parents as well, in a match that I dedicated to my daughter Katlyn--is very special to me." After the match, the New Religion (Jay Impact and the Infidel) jumped Slaughter and began to put the boots to him, only to have Michaels come to the rescue, driving the villains away with a huge German suplex and a lariat. Michaels then expressed his respect for Slaughter before leaving the arena.

Freak Ink Becomes The New VCW Tag Team Champions! July 7th, 2019

​When Freak Ink hit the ring at the July 6 Alabama Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame show, the’d already taken measures to ensure they’d be the new VCW tag team champions. Behind the scenes, Aiden Miles and Brock Garvin jumped Special K on his way into the building. Because Special K couldn’t be physically cleared to wrestle, Cousin Skeeter approached the ring with a microphone in hand. “Kritters don’t run from a fight,” Skeeter said, and hit the ring. And while everyone’s favorite Kritter held on for a while, eventually the two-on-one tactics of Freak Ink got the better of him--even though they had to use a foreign object and a low blow to accomplish their mission and become the new VCW tag team champions. After the match, Skeeter had to be carried to the locker room where he received medical attention. “We’re not done with them,” Skeeter said. “The Kritters don’t lay down. We’re coming back for Freak Ink and coming hard.”

The Bragging Rights Go To Zero Alliance! July 7th, 2019

​​Joshua O'Hagan, representing Zero Alliance Wrestling, won the first ever Bragging rights match beating out  Action Mike Jackson, Damon Taz, Mr 1985, & Ursa Major.  First a HOF induction then this.  O'Hagan was on a roll.

Major Victory With A Major Victory July 7th, 2019

Out Of This World Wrestling crowned a new OTWW Heavyweight Champion last night at the APWHOF event in Oxford, AL when Major Victory with the upset of the century defeated Brad Savage to win the championship.

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