Member of Freak Ink

Current  VCW Tag Team Champion

Aidan Miles

Wrestler's Name:

Aidan Miles


5' 6"​


210 lbs


Planet Vegeta. 

Signature Move:

Spear (football tackle) lionsault (springboard back flip off middle rope

Titles Held:

FCW World heavyweight Championship, FCW Tag Team Championship Mayhem Tag Team Championship. LAE Tag Team Championship, LAE Lightweight Championship 12x ACW Cruiserweight Championship,


The Redneck Saiyan is one of the last few surviving Saiyans from Planet Vegeta. A Warrior, Hushand, Father, Surviver. The Redneck Saiyan Aidan Miles along side his Saiyan Brothers, Bad Company Brock Garvin, and The Badd Apple Brad Cooper makeup.

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