Bobby Hayes

Wrestler's Name:



5' 11"​


250 lbs


Jacksonville, AL

Signature Move:

Man-Slaughter, Elbow off the top

Titles Held:

Johnny has held numerous championships all across the united states.

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One of the most decorated wrestlers in VCW, Johnny is a man of action and honor who loves the chance to test himself again other wrestlers.

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Johnny moved to the South East in the early 90's to pursue his dreams in professional wrestling. After a run with WWE, WCW, TNA, & other promotions world wide, Johnny has landed in VCW as a force to be reckoned with.


Johnny spent the majority of his career as a self proclaimed "Barbarian".  However, Johnny is a changed man​ now. As a member of Team Redeemed, He takes the message of redemption through the power of Jesus Christ to the ring and to the locker rooms. 


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